The New LinkedIn Feature Competitor Analytics

The feature we have been waiting for

After quite some time, LinkedIn has finally provided business pages with an essential tool for growth hack. Learning what your competitors are doing and how they perform can help you improve your public brand, awareness, and presence.

Facebook is a step ahead

Yes, Facebook has been using this tool for comparing your page with others for a long time. So why is LinkedIn bringing this up now? They had the “pages to compare” tool for a while but users couldn’t choose which pages to compare. That changes today.

The main goal of this new feature is to provide business page admins more tools and value.

How does it work?

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After clicking on Analytics (Picture #1) you’ll be directed to the new section where you can see your current compared competitors (Picture #2). On this page, you can delete pages that are irrelevant to you by clicking the trash icon.

Competitor Analytics for Your LinkedIn Page - Picture #2

Do you want new pages to compare yourself to?

No problem, just write their names in the Search By Page Name bar.

Choose relevant pages you wish to get inspired from or track activity.

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You can choose up to 9 pages to compare, so choose wisely as you set yourself realistic competitors that you want to close the gaps with or pages for inspiration.

You can obviously change compared pages whenever you want but notice that this feature is available only on desktop.


Start tracking and benchmarking your Page’s performance

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There are two main things that you can track:

  1. Follower Metrics where you can see your competitor’s total followers and new followers compared to you, filtered by time range upon your determined setting.
  2. Organic Content Metrics where you can see total engagements and total posts compared to you, filtered by time range upon your determined setting.

*All dates and times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

*You can export the entire data to an excel sheet.

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One last thing: while on the organic content section you can click on the number of total engagements and a small window with a breakdown will be opened for extra info.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this new feature 🙂

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