24 Israeli Female Leaders You Should Follow in 2024

24 Israeli Female Leaders You Should Follow in 2024

In the vibrant ecosystem of Israeli innovation, a substantial contribution is made by women who stand out for their exceptional contributions, insights, and leadership. This article, delving into the LinkedIn profiles of twenty four remarkable females who have a part in shaping the future of various sectors, including technology, venture capital, cybersecurity, marketing, and more.

Join us as we explore the insights and achievements of a few of the many Israeli industry leaders, whose visionary approaches and dedication are not only advancing their respective fields but also making a significant impact on the global stage.

*Disclaimer: This article highlights Israeli women industry leaders who are active on LinkedIn in English, based on hands-on research and word-of-mouth insights. While it’s not a ranking, we believe these females deserve recognition for their remarkable contributions, among many other outstanding individuals.

Adi Stein, Lead Marketing Strategist At Microsoft, and Innovation Program Director and Startup Competition Manager

Adi Stein, a prominent female thought leader, shares content that resonates with those seeking relatable, insightful insights to advance their entrepreneurial journey and career within the AI industry. Through her frequent posts, she shares experiences from entrepreneurship events, offers advice for budding entrepreneurs, and candidly discusses her own fears before embarking on her journey with Microsoft, making her relatable to anyone navigating their career path. With consistent updates on innovation and AI programs, Adi’s content is invaluable for those looking to deepen their understanding in these areas. Following Adi ensures access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for professional growth.

Nicole (Gilliat) Priel, Partner at Ibex Investors

Nicole Priel 🇮🇱, an influential leader in the venture capital sector, epitomizes the essence of a female innovator in the startup nation. Her content aims to promote Israel, innovation, and investments. Nicole not only educates her audience but also inspires them to embrace the possibilities of innovation by sharing insights from Ibex Investors events, company updates, and attending conferences, enriching knowledge on innovation and investments that both investors and startups can benefit from. Additionally, advocating for Israel’s defense and supporting Israeli startups is something Nicole is extremely passionate about. For those seeking finance and innovation guidance within the realm of Israel’s venture capitalism, Nicole is an excellent choice to follow.

Anna Levitin, Marketing Operations Expert, Dynamic Speaker, Tech Community Leader, Nevo Fellow

Anna Levitin, effortlessly combines personal charm with industry expertise in her LinkedIn posts. With a keen eye for humor, Anna frequently shares witty memes and hooks readers with insights into email marketing trends and ESP migration. Beyond these topics, she also incorporates job opportunities, articles, and events from both Powtoon and Nevo Network, which are beneficial for native Israelis and Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) looking to advance their careers and skills within the marketing and high-tech industries. Anna’s engaging style keeps her audience hooked with a blend of humorous anecdotes, industry updates, and thought-provoking questions. Whether she’s sharing personal experiences or shedding light on emerging trends, Anna is an invaluable leader for those seeking unconventional yet highly valuable insights in the high-tech and marketing industries. Anna’s posts serve as a valuable source of information and entertainment, enriching the experience for her followers.

Danielle Dafni, Co-Founder and CEO at Peech

Danielle Dafni, a leader in content creation, offers invaluable insights and a platform for enhancing content with AI. The majority of Danielle’s content centers on her AI-driven content creation platform, Peech, which provides users with various tools and suggestions. She frequently shares clear step-by-step tutorials in the videos she posts, guiding viewers on how to leverage these resources effectively. Through interviews and posts, Danielle emphasizes that AI is the future of content creation, advocating for its acceptance and utilization. Her conference presentations and instructional videos demonstrate how to harness AI’s potential. For those seeking to elevate their content and delve deeper into AI’s role in content creation.

Shiri Grosbard, Diversity Advocate Innovation and Marketing Strategist, and Employer Branding Expert

Shiri Grosbard, a geniune woman leader, utilizes her expertise across various industries to provide valuable insights and enrich the LinkedIn community. Through engaging posts, she offers a window into AWS’s collaborative work culture and dedication to individual growth, offering practical advice for professionals aiming to advance in their careers. Sharing updates on AWS’s accomplishments and events, Shiri incorporates personal anecdotes, a candid demeanor, and confidently stands by her principles, creating an authentic connection with her audience as they navigate their professional paths.

Helen Gottstein, Corporate Team Keynote Coach,Presentation Expert, Women’s Advocate.

Helen Gottstein, epitomizes the essence of an influential female industry leader. Her consistent and invaluable posts offer tips to enhance one’s voice and presentations in the field of public speaking. Helen’s advocacy and many events, often focused on amplifying women’s voices, show her commitment to positive change in Women being heard in their industry. Throughout her posts, there is a personal touch, with Helen sharing her own industry experiences fearlessly. She regularly updates her LinkedIn with details of her events and conferences. For those seeking a female industry leader who supports females and their industry on their page, Helen is undoubtedly the one to follow.

Lilach Bullock, Business Consultant, Content Writer, Women Influencer, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Lilach Bullock is the go-to business guru for those seeking inspiration in business. The majority of her content aims to assist businesses in achieving optimal results, covering topics such as digital marketing, leadership, strategic planning, and more. With occasional personal touches, Lilach provides insight into her life beyond the business industry. Whether through articles, blogs, podcasts, or regular posts, her posts impart valuable lessons to help businesses thrive. Offering various platforms, tools, and personalized services, Lilach empowers businesses to reach their goals and unleash their potential. As an essential industry leader, Lilach is a must-follow for those looking to elevate their business success.

Irit Levi, Business Management Strategist, Automation Expert, Speaker & Coach, Tool-Tester, Podcaster, and Course Creator.

Irit Levi stands out as a female industry leader renowned for her unique approach to business management and automations. With a knack for storytelling, she adeptly incorporates metaphors, analogies, and personal anecdotes into her messages, guiding her audience on how to navigate their business ventures with ease and effectiveness through helpful tools, especially automations. Through her engaging content, Irit emphasizes the importance of perseverance, self-belief, and goal-oriented focus, empowering her clients to achieve clarity and streamline their processes for optimal growth. She posts different automation platforms that not only reduce stress but also elevate customer service standards. Irit’s straightforward and humorous videos offer insights into her method, tools, workshop announcements and more, making her a trusted guide for those seeking to optimize their business operations.

Nofar Amikam, Early-Stage Investor and General Partner at Glilot Capital Partners

Nofar Amikam stands out as a respected leader in the finance industry, particularly in venture capitalism. Her LinkedIn page serves as a valuable resource, offering insights, articles, and lessons relevant to venture capitalism. Beyond sharing informative content, Nofar showcases her compassionate nature through personal posts featuring the strong partnerships she cultivates within the industry. She occasionally spotlights job openings within Gillot’s extensive network, a valuable resource for individuals exploring career opportunities across various industries.. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of VC, check out Nofar’s profile.

Shelly Lotan (Adv.) CEO and Business development at Medium Well

Shelly Lotan (Adv.) is a visionary in the food and AgTech industry. Her posts, aimed at keeping those in the industry updated on food tech in Israel, resonate with genuine care and passion, reflecting her dedication to her work. By sharing updates on events and initiatives, Shelly keeps her audience informed about the impactful work she’s doing at Medium Well. Her personal reflections on the current events during these challenging times serve as a source of both information and inspiration for all those struggling during the war.With a blend of updates on Israeli food tech, insights into Medium Well, and her perspectives on the ongoing situation, Shelly, an inspiring Israeli female leader, produces insightful content that individuals aspiring in the tech industry should keep up with.

Anne BAER, CEO at IKARE Innovation and Clima Tech Expert, President Israel Committee and Board Member of the French Foreign Trade Advisors

Anne BAER, an innovator and Climatech expert, also serving as President of the Israel Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors, brings a wealth of knowledge to her followers. Her posts consist of updates on IKARE and its events, articles and news covering Israel innovation and science, as well as personal opinions, which all vividly reflect her mission to bridge the gap between Israeli and global companies. Anne’s dedication to environmental causes shines through in her posts about innovative solutions to environmental challenges using technology, advancements in Israeli Climatech, and her voluntary efforts during these unprecedented times. While some of her posts are in French, the majority are in English. Anne is a female industry leader whom Israel is fortunate to have.

Shirley Schoenfeld, Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy at Swimm

Shirley Schoenfeld provides invaluable lessons for budding entrepreneurs. Through her posts, she shares personal experiences and relevant insights, offering practical advice for navigating the startup landscape. Shirley’s engaging and straightforward approach captivates her audience with thought-provoking questions, concise text posts, and engaging photos. In addition to sharing her own achievements and milestones, Shirley remains steadfast in her support for Israel during challenging times, making her a must-follow for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking strategic guidance.

Avital Eusgeld, Founder and Brand Strategist at HiPitched

Avital Eusgeld, an engaging thought leader in the personal branding industry, offers valuable insights for professionals across all fields. Through her relatable approach, she intertwines personal anecdotes, reflections, and experiences to impart lessons on branding, navigating the work-life balance, and more. Whether sharing insights gained from raising children or lessons learned from client interactions, Avital’s posts resonate with and inspire a wide audience. As an orthodox woman, she also shares her perspectives on the role and importance of women in leadership positions, making her a leader all women can connect with. For those seeking growth in both their professional and personal lives, check out Avital’s profile

Batell Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik BeeHero’s Chief Business Operations, Committee Chair at Israel Bar Association, and Chair of Delegation at Israel Scouts

Batell Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik, a knowledgeable female leader in the agricultural tech industry, is great for anyone seeking to advance their careers in environmental sustainability. With her extensive experience and expertise in the field, Batell shares invaluable insights into the latest innovations, updates, and achievements within Beehero and the broader tech sector. Through captivating videos, thought-provoking articles, and visually engaging photos, she not only informs her audience but also inspires them to take action towards a greener and more sustainable future. Beehero’s resources, guided by Batell’s dedication to environmental management, serve as a valuable tool for those passionate about environmental sustainability, as highlighted in her LinkedIn updates. Batell’s ability to translate complex ideas into accessible content makes her a beacon of knowledge and inspiration in the field of agricultural technology.

Dana Alexandrovich, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft Israel

Dana Alexandrovich, shares content relevant to professionals in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, sales, and marketing industries. Whether discussing the various fields she oversees, company events, or personal experiences, Alexandrovich consistently provides valuable insights for individuals in these sectors. Her posts strike a perfect balance between being personable and professional, making her LinkedIn account enjoyable for many. As an outstanding female industry leader, Dana is someone you should definitely follow.

Yuval Yarden, Entrepreneur, Host of The Keystone Podcast, Director of Ecosystem Engagement for the Global Entrepreneurship Network

Yuval Yarden, a spirited presence on LinkedIn, exemplifies female leadership in her industry. Through her posts, she offers candid insights into the business world and life in general. Drawing from her experiences at Venwise, Yuval takes her followers on a journey, sharing stories from her professional endeavors, including the decision to start a startup while in her third trimester of pregnancy. She provides valuable articles, posts, and events aimed at empowering women in their industries, advocating for a balanced work-life dynamic. Yuval’s relatable content and engaging presence makes her page one you don’t want to miss out on.

May Piamenta, Co-founder & CEO of VEE and  Google Activate Mentor

May Piamenta, an inspiring figure from whom we can all learn, devotes her time to VEE, a company she co-founded to support nonprofits. Through her posts, she shares the stories of the non-profits VEE assists, their missions, and her personal feelings and insights, providing inspiration for others. Her dedication to helping others shines through in her mission-driven content, which includes numerous stories, initiatives, and personal videos. Piamenta’s page is a valuable resource for anyone seeking uplifting content that motivates them to make a positive impact.

Keren Elazari, Co-founder of Leading Cyber Ladies & BSidesTLV, Security Analyst, Author & TED Speaker

Keren Elazari, a respected figure in the cybersecurity industry, offers invaluable insights to her audience. Her posts are compelling narratives and hooks that always circle back to valuable lessons in cybersecurity, with a special focus on promoting women in the field. Through informative posts and videos, she educates her followers about various risks and how to protect themselves from security breaches. Keren also shares upcoming events and draws from her past experiences to enrich her followers’ knowledge. In the 21st century, having Keren by your side is crucial for safeguarding against the risks of cyber attacks.

Lotem Dallal, Hardware Engineer at Intel Corporation

Israeli women in STEM are imperative in ensuring a thriving industry, and Lotem Dallal is one such figure, contributing as an engineer. With a passion for educating women in leadership, she bravely shares personal insights to inspire others. Her informative posts on AI utilization, coding, and problem-solving are invaluable for all in the digital 21st century, making complex topics more accessible. Lotem seamlessly integrates aspects of her life into her educational content, inviting followers to join her journey. Updates from her work at Intel, personal achievements, and event participation all convey a relatable message, inspiring fellow engineers. Dallal’s toolbox includes both her engineering expertise and her inspirational journey, both of which she adeptly employs to make a difference.

Hila Rom, Founding Managing Partner of RUNI Ventures, 3X Entrepreneur & CEO, Venture Capital Investor

Hila Rom 🇮🇱, a matriarch within the startup ecosystem of Israel, is a must-follow for keeping up on the latest in Israeli venture capital and entrepreneurship. Leveraging her expertise, Rom shares insights into impactful events like IMPACT 365, which connects Israeli startups affected by the war with funding and collaboration opportunities, as well as the Women’s CEO Summit and the Tech Diplomacy conference. She regularly updates followers on her participation in these events, providing opportunities for engagement and learning. Offering updates to her followers on new positions and projects she is undertaking, as well as providing deeper insights into how RUNI Ventures, a VC fund she both founded and runs, supports the next generation of Israeli tech companies, ensures that her followers are aware of the developments and impact of her professional journey. Hila’s dedication to providing critical resources to remarkable innovators ensures the continued growth of the Israeli high-tech sector, exemplifying the spirit of female entrepreneurship and contributing to a brighter future for Israelis in the industry.

Liron Glikman, Business Development Consultant, Networking & Personal Branding Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Lirone Glikman Show

Business expert Lirone Glikman stands out as a remarkable Israeli woman in the industry leader community. With engaging hooks that seamlessly transition into insightful articles within the marketing industry, compelling quotes from guests that enrich her enlightening show, and straightforward yet informative text posts, Lirone consistently captivates her followers while providing them with invaluable knowledge about the business world. Through her interactive posts that invite discussions with experts and feature polls, Lirone demonstrates a commitment to authenticity, ensuring her followers stay informed about past triumphs and upcoming events, creating a strong sense of community and connection among her audience. If you value leaders who actively promote and educate about their industry and seek genuine engagement with their followers, Lirone is undoubtedly the one to follow.

Hilla Ovil-Brenner, Partner at Arieli Capital, Co-Founder & CEO of Yazamiyot, and Entrepreneur

Whether through mentorship, management, entrepreneurship, or investment, Hilla Ovil-Brenner leaves a powerful digital footprint. Her LinkedIn page is consistently updated with posts that keep her followers informed about her professional endeavors, as well as technological and entrepreneurial learning opportunities she engages in, aiming to inspire and educate others about key aspects within Israel’s startup arena. With unwavering support for women in the industry, she often speaks about the innovative contributions and advancements Israeli women can make. Hila’s impressive dedication makes her a key industry leader in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Yifat Oron, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone

Yifat Oron, the Managing Director of Blackstone, demonstrates strong women leadership through her active participation in conferences and other engagements. Through her LinkedIn activity, a deep passion for fostering Israel’s economy and collaborating with industry leaders to drive growth is apparent. Yifat provides valuable insights on energy transition, digital infrastructure, and other crucial topics, drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience. By sharing insights and statistical data from various conferences, she highlights the tech industry’s growth and emphasizes the pivotal role of entrepreneurs and founders in Israel’s economic strength. Through her influential voice, Yifat is making a significant impact to ensure Israel’s prosperity.

Noa Urbach, Founder & Executive Coach at Untangled, Strategy and Leadership expert

Noa Urbach draws upon her past experience and expertise in technology, leadership, and strategy to empower others to achieve success and maximize their potential in their respective industries. With a background at Google, she gained valuable insights into leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-investment, which she generously shares through engaging posts, documents, and photos.  Throughout her posts she adds her own personal hooks which shows her authenticity and enjoyment in what she does, and ensures that her posts are both entertaining and informative. Noa also shares her current experiences at her start-up Untangled for all to learn how to create an effective and successful startup.Noa Urbach embodies an authentic and knowledgeable industry leader in technology, entrepreneurship, business development, and personal as well as professional growth, which she captivatingly shares on LinkedIn.

As we conclude our exploration of Israel’s top industry leaders on LinkedIn, it’s evident that the nation’s innovation landscape is teeming with talent, determination, and foresight. Each leader profiled in this article brings a unique perspective and invaluable expertise to their field, contributing to Israel’s reputation as a startup nation and a hub for cutting-edge innovation. By following these individuals, professionals worldwide can gain access to a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and networking opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. The stories and insights shared by these leaders not only highlight the dynamic nature of Israel’s industries but also serve as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to make their mark. As we look to the future, the influence and contributions of these industry leaders will undoubtedly continue to shape the course of global innovation and entrepreneurship.

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