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MAIA is the Greek goddess of growth, success & prosperity.

Our in-depth employee branding workshops enable individuals to learn about LinkedIn, establish and grow a  professional online presence, their organization’s brand, and diversify their network. We are proud to manage one of Israel’s top 5 LinkedIn pages.

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LinkedIn Product Page

LinkedIn Product Page Enhanced B2B Product Sales on LinkedIn: A LinkedIn product page, introduced in December 2020, allows you to build brand awareness and develop a presence around your products. By emphasizing notable customers and

Keren Sharabani
Keren SharabaniRegional Executive at StandWithUs
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"Working with MAIA was simply a pleasure and exceeded all my expectations! I was privileged to receive personal guidance in my personal branding process on LinkedIn. Beyond the brilliant advice and impressive professionalism, I felt the care of Eli who devoted many hours and lots of patience in the personal development of my profile. What is special about MAIA is that the journey does not end after one session! Eli continued to test, advise and develop my work in LinkedIn until the end result was no less than excellent. It is a pleasure to know that on the other side there is a quality team that loves what they do. Highly recommended!"
Dana Barda
Dana BardaHead of Operations at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
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"Team MAIA helped me break the barrier I had towards LinkedIn. We built a profile that represents exactly who I am and I was especially happy to see the positive reactions of my co-workers who asked me how I did it. I am happy to recommend Shay and the entire exceptional team!"
 Eitan Dooreck-Aloni
Eitan Dooreck-AloniManaging Director at Investment Group Israel
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“Just after one meeting with Eli Serfaty, Co-Founder of MAIA, my LinkedIn network grew tremendously. Not only do I have over 100 new connections in under a month, but I suddenly find employers and job recruiters sending me LinkedIn messages to see my job availability! If you want to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, MAIA is your key to success. 10/10 recommend”
Yoni Diller
Yoni DillerFounder and CEO of Talent Group
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"MAIA has provided me the professional guidance and strategy to leverage my LinkedIn- I had very little knowledge on professional social media before. The service was kind, fast and available 24/7. At first i was skeptical but after the first meeting with Eli I quickly understood how much value the platform can bring to my business. After a few weeks I was surprised how much impact MAIA had on my deal flow and network, thank you for everything I am sure I will need your service along the way again"
Kevin J. Hanna
Kevin J. HannaProduct Manager at
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"If you use LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business then you must talk to Eli Serfaty and the MAIA team. He helped me brand myself on LinkedIn to land a new job, and as a result I got plenty of reach outs from relevant people. Also, his workshop helped me promote my podcast and mobile app, and as an unexpected factor I met highly interesting people in my industry."
Shane Weissman
Shane WeissmanDeal Flow Manager at Liquidity
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"I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to posting content or marketing myself on LinkedIn. But then I met Eli, and he helped me set up my profile and taught me the ins and outs of using LinkedIn. I now get 100s of profile views, 10s of connection requests each month and exposure to countless recruiters, with minimal effort. If you feel like you’re marketing yourself but aren’t active on LinkedIn, then you need to speak to Team MAIA. They’ll get you set up in minutes and on track to receive passive leads. Oh, and the best part? Using LinkedIn gets you exposure for free, automatically driving growth helping you land that next job, close that next deal, and show the world your professional potential."
Noa Kremer Shkedi
Noa Kremer ShkediCommunity & Advertising Manager at UNIQ Academic Members Club
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"I was looking to give our community members value in the context of job search, networking and personal branding, I got lucky and got to know Shay. Shay is a phenomenal lecturer, a professional, charismatic and patient one with an open mind and a lot of creativity. The lecture was an outstanding success and the warm reactions continue to flow in weeks after the lecture. I will add on a personal level that I attended many LinkedIn lectures, but Shay's lecture taught me a lot and has given me motivation to invest in this tool even more."
Saar Davidson
Saar DavidsonFront-End Developer at
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"When I just started to look for my first position as a developer I knew LinkedIn is a key platform for that purpose so I wanted to upgrade my profile. I got a recommendation about MAIA from a friend and they exceeded all of my expectations! Eli was really attentive to my needs and dedicated a lot of time to help to help me make them a reality. That is why I knew right away that for my dev club I founded in my college I want them to lecture about developers' personal brand, that is how I got to experience how amazing and delightful Shay as a lecturer, the way he captivated all of the students' attention is truly remarkable. I can't recommend enough to work with them!"
Anshel Axelbaum
Anshel AxelbaumSales Engineer at Locus View
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Shout out to the Team MAIA and specifically Eli Igra Serfaty for the incredible session. Eli joined one of our weekly meetings at TAMID at IDC Herzliya and gave a complete overview on the power of LinkedIn and how each one of us can optimize our use of the platform. It was a very interactive session and we saw almost immediate positive outcomes from the changes and advice Eli had given. 10/10 would recommend for any organization.

Karlibach 1, Tel-Aviv


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Team MAIA | Startup life


Personal profile optimization suitable for your objectives. With team MAIA your Linkedin profile will stand out while shedding light on your professional persona.

Team MAIA | Business


Empower your employees with workshops & monthly marketing management with team MAIA. 


Who is this for:

Individuals with little to no prior experience looking to start their journey on LinkedIn or those looking to optimize their existing profile.

What to expect:

Your basic 60-minute 1-on-1call will take place over “Zoom” to allow screen share as we work through your Profile and how to get the very best from your activity on LinkedIn. Including:

  • Profile Scanning
  • Content Optimization
  • Tips on the LinkedIn Algorithm
  • Network Interaction
  • Headline Optimization


As you can imagine, there’s a lot to cover in 60 minutes, but after the session, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge and resources to launch your LinkedIn success.


Who is this for:

Feel you need to level up your LinkedIn game? Or don’t have a profile and want to get started on the right foot? Together we will learn how to take leverage LinkedIn to your advantage.

What to expect:

Your 90-minute 1-on-1 call will take place over “Zoom” to allow screen share as we work through your Profile in order to get the very best from your activity on LinkedIn. Including:

  • Everything from Seed
  • Custom Cover Photo Design
  • Custom Tailored Edited About
  • Experience Advice
  • How to Tactically Increase Your Connections and Interact with Your Ideal Clients 
  • Content Strategy & Tips
  • Hashtags Done Right
  • How to Engage Effectively


Who is this for:

No time? Busy? We’ll take it from here. Our A-2-Z service Bloom package is tailored for C-Level executives who need a hand to take the next step with LinkedIn. Our team will make sure your profile is fully optimized for your needs and will be with you every step of the way. Including:


  • Everything on Seed & Growth Track
  • Familiarity with All Sections of Your Profile
  • How to Expand Your Network and Effectively Send Messages
  • Content for LinkedIn, Engagement and Groups
  • Volunteering, Skills, License and Certificates, Achievements, Recommendations and Interests
  • Embedding Keywords
  • Team MAIA Will Rewrite your Headline, Experience and About Section


LinkedIn Brand Ambassadors

How to harness employees into your organization purpose. As part of this 4 hours workshop, we will learn how to effectively use LinkedIn while optimizing the participants personal profiles.


Marketing & Paid Campaigns

LinkedIn businesses pages management and advanced campaigns strategy. Suitable for social media and marketing teams, this workshop will provide its participants a vast knowledge and tools to effectively maximize LinkedIn pages.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Reach the right people, at the right time with the right message. LinkedIn SN is the perfect tool for result driven sales teams. In the workshop we will explore the wide range of opportunities using this sophisticated system.


LinkedIn Startups Strategy

Custom made workshop for entrepreneurs, hubs, accelerations programs and growing startups.


Monthly LinkedIn Page

As a digital agency specializing in LinkedIn, we are proud to manage one of Israel’s top 5 LinkedIn pages and be the first agency in Israel to initiate LinkedIn Live

We create graphic content while crafting quality research-based copywriting as we manage a holistic LinkedIn strategy, including paid campaigns. 

Our Methodology

Phase 1 – We will start by building a comprehensive digital marketing strategy plan that will allow us to get to know you and your audiences better, prioritize the most important digital assets as well as create a content and campaigns strategy aimed at achieving your goals. You will get a full informative & actionable strategic plan with our holistic overview management and market research. We will analyze former content and campaigns and will provide an up-to-date Gantt.

Also included: website optimization suggestion report that will help us track conversions using LinkedIn pixels.

Phase 2 – Upon the conclusion and approval of the plan – we will start implementing the entire strategy which will include taking over your LinkedIn page, crafting and promoting content (using advanced targeting methods and tools), and remarketing.