LinkedIn product page

LinkedIn Product Page

LinkedIn Product Page

Enhanced B2B Product Sales on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn product page, introduced in December 2020, allows you to build brand awareness and develop a presence around products. By emphasizing notable customers and collecting ratings from LinkedIn members, social proof can be built up on a product page.

LinkedIn Product Pages allow brands to promote products and grow their businesses, let users share experiences and be recognized for their expertise, and let buyers make confident decisions in a trusted environment. LinkedIn’s goal is to create the world’s premier marketplace for B2B products.

How does it look & work?

The new LinkedIn Product Pages tab will be available on LinkedIn Pages along with “Home,” “Jobs,” and “Life.” Product Pages are currently available only for B2B software and will gradually be extended to other product types.

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*If you don’t see the Products tab on your Company Page, click on the Edit Page button while inside the Admin view of your company page. In the Overview section, click the Company Type dropdown menu. Select the Internet option in order to activate the Product Page tab.

Admins of LinkedIn Pages can create up to 35 Product Pages that showcase your organization’s products on LinkedIn Page’s Product tab!

Creating a Product 

After clicking the Product button the page will be redirected to the products page where there are options to add products starting with choosing a product name.

In the case of one Product Page, the new Products tab will bring the visitor right to one Product Page; in the case of multiple Product Pages, visitors will be taken to the Products summary page, which contains an alphabetical listing of all published Product Pages.

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This is where the fun begins

To edit any section, click on the edit icons next to it. 

  1. Upload a product logo (if you have one) and choose a category.
  2. Determine a call to action:
  • Download now
  • Get started
  • Request a demo
  • Try it now
  • Contact us
  • Learn more

Paste the URL you want people to see when they click the button.

Choose a Call To Action option for collecting leads, to utilize the Lead Gen Forms feature from LinkedIn to accumulate leads through a Business page.

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3. “About the Product” – write up to 1,000 characters that best describe the product and add a URL to t the designated landing page or website.

4. “This product is intended to” – click on this section to choose whether the product is for everyone or for a specific job function (you can choose up to 10).

5. “Product Videos & Screenshots” – add up to 5 items:

    • Upload an image – 1,128X376 PX minimum required
    • Upload a video – 16:9 ratio recommended
    • Embed a Vimeo video link
    • Embed a Youtube Link

6. “Featured customers of LinkedIn Profile Optimization” – Attract new customers by featuring up to 21 organizations that use your product. Only add organizations you have permission to publicly identify as a customer.

7. “Community hashtags” – a new feature coming soon will enable the spread of products using an organic hashtags outreach strategy.

8. Don’t forget to:

Click the Save button for each item edited.
Click the Submit For Review button.
The review may take up to 2 weeks. You’ll receive a notification in your Activity tab once the approval process is complete.
Publish your Product Page once it’s approved by clicking the Activity tab in the top navigation and then clicking the View product button, then Publish product.

In conclusion

Most of us shop online, and many of us make decisions based on online insights and content. On LinkedIn, this is where decision-makers are browsing, which makes product pages essential for a business that sells high-end software and services.

B2B sales are usually more pricy, which is why LinkedIn is a crucial platform to promote and highlight products.

If you’re managing a company that sells B2B products, consider using LinkedIn product pages, but first, make sure you’re optimizing your brand awareness by establishing a well-designed business page, full of quality content and interactions.

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