LinkedIn and the Global Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic is a major event in history, and we are currently living through it. The pandemic brought many challenges for individuals and businesses.

ILO made it clear that the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was expected to leave 1.6 billion at risk of income loss — with low-income workers, women, and underrepresented communities hit the hardest. The statistic also shows that the pandemic was expected to leave more than 140 million people out of work

The pandemic caused an impact never seen before in the modern workforce. LinkedIn holds transformation as one of its core values. The company aspires to make an impact, and this commitment is now more vital than ever.  

So how did they help people overcome the pandemic challenges?

The newly expanded Recruiting For Good program enabled LinkedIn recruiters to raise their hands to source and screen talent for many organizations. 

LinkedIn Coaches members alleviated some work-related difficulties caused by the pandemic by volunteering their time. Thousands of job seekers around the world received advice for free in these challenging times. 

From the economic perspective, they made $500k in corporate donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center, National Urban League, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, and NAACP. LinkedIn has also donated to many corporations that work on advocacy and economic justice for the Black community. 

People are reclaiming their careers through LinkedIn.

The pandemic is a multidimensional crisis. One massive affect of this crisis is unemployment. LinkedIn helped to change the stigma associated with unemployment. Hiring managers are showing solidarity and helping people who have been laid off due to COVID-19.

LinkedIn has all the tools and resources to provide job seekers with insights to identify the right career path. The learning opportunities allow users to get the skills they need and a community to connect them to opportunities.

A recent stat shows that three people are hired every minute on LinkedIn. 

Identifying in-demand skills and preparing for the future through learning opportunities. 

The job market is changing rapidly, and the demand for digital skills is increasing. LinkedIn reports show that nearly 150 million more technology-related jobs could be created globally in the next five years.

LinkedIn has recognized the top trending skills among professionals, from digital marketing skills to data analysis and programming. Hence, it added the Skill Assessments so people can easily showcase their proficiency for these skills in their profiles. 

You are not alone – the open-to-work status can help you. 

LinkedIn is helping job seekers to share their status with their community. Sharing your status #Opentowork is vital for many job seekers nowadays to find their next job. The stats show that the #OpentoWork profile frame receives 40% more Inmails from recruiters on a global scale. 

Finding the people who are hiring

The new #Hiring profile photo frame from LinkedIn makes it easy for anyone to add a job directly to their profile and a #Hiring frame around their photo.

Job seekers can now see who’s hiring directly in their LinkedIn feed. Making the process easier means enabling people to apply to relevant jobs. 

All the members can now post a job for free, facilitating the connection process between job seekers and hiring people. 

LinkedIn is vital to help people on a global scale to overcome the challenges we face as humanity because it is the core element of their culture.

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