Making Money Through LinkedIn

With approximately 875+ million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented search engine. However, most LinkedIn members see it as nothing more than a place to post their online resumes. They apparently hope that others will find their resumes among the digital pile.

Every minute, 3 people find a job on LinkedIn. Obviously, LinkedIn is not only a social media platform. Some users have a habit of looking at LinkedIn only for a job, even though uploading your online resume and finding a job is not the only way to make money on LinkedIn. 

Let’s go through the other options.

Revamp Your Profile

Many registered members forget to update their LinkedIn profiles. It is best to update your profile page with work experience and education. This way, you will get updates from similar job pages that you might be interested in. Users miss opportunities by not getting updates from companies, which become missed opportunities to earn money.

A Professional Headshot 

One thing that draws people to your page is your profile and photo. You can receive 21 times more profile views and more messages just from the look of your profile photo. Cropped photos from parties you went to with friends or wedding receptions do not improve your professional image. You might think it is okay to add some casual pictures, but in reality, it will only hurt your professional look. Imagine if a financial adviser uploads a blurred selfie as their profile photo. Would you trust them? The same applies to you. To upload a professional headshot picture to find a better job.

LinkedIn Advertising

If you have some money saved up, you can invest in LinkedIn Advertising to earn more. How is this possible?

You can create an ad campaign to promote your products by using the targeting options to get users’ attention. You can also create an ad campaign focused on target demographics. This will catch the attention of your target audience and push people to take advantage of the limited offers.

Encourage Affiliate Markets or Products.

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate source of extra money. It generates income online and also can yield great reviews. There are many benefits to promoting on LinkedIn to increase your affiliate sales. It is possible to share affiliate marketing review posts within groups. It is also possible to email followers about on your blog to let them know about new product launches, discount codes, and limited-time offers.

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